I took a klonopin to try to treat the restlessness. It’s helping, to a degree. My psychiatrist way overestimates it’s power. It’s only 0.4 mg. Some people are on 4 mg. So, 8x. Anyway, never mind that that’s addicting and bad in the long run. Dad made a bunch of fruit juice and I had a substantial quality. I sent messages to both my doctors again. The therapist responded late at night, so he’s in his office late. On a Friday.

Mom the bitch took my kratom and went back to sleep. It’s on her desk so I could take it but I took my meds and don’t want to throw them up so I shouldn’t at least until she goes to work. At least for another 15 minutes. Better 45 minutes.

I don’t have anything to do. I don’t want to bother my friend Nick and plus he’s a piece of shit anyway so why would I waste my energy on him. Everyone’s a pieace of shit and why would I waste my time on them. No one cares about me, and those who do are evil. Fucking hell. People are garbage species.

I have nothing to do but commit suicide. Fortunately or unfortunately I’m nowhere near the level of desperation to do something like that so I won’t even think about it. Just sayin’.

garbage garbage garbage.

Life is garbage.

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