My friend is a dumb fucking bitch. We played cards MTGA just now and he was bumbling around with the rules and didn’t understand anything. What a whore. And like, he doesn’t even know how to ask questions without rambling on nonsense forever. Useless person.

He says he reads my emails. He doesn’t. He doesn’t know what I fucking say ever, because he doesn’t read them. Fucking liar.

Mom’s at work. She said I can have the scallops from the Chinese restaurant, as leftovers, b/c bro doesn’t want them. They’re kind of spicy. Good. I had some. I need to finish those b4 they go bad.

I feel better after talking to Nick on the phone. He had some good ideas, but was also too vague. It’s hard to implement things when you can’t think of any concrete ways to implement them. Useless. It won’t change anything, his advice. I’m still a kratom junkie with nothing to do.

Friendship. Sort of like therapy 2.0. Useless.

Everything is useless. lol.

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