Mom wanted to walk this morning. I don’t know why we didn’t. We didn’t even come to a consensus. It just sort of got ignored. It’s really important she move to decrease her blood pressure. We’re being really lazy about it, lazy with her life on the line. Really not good.

Have to be ready to leave by 2 today for tennis with brother followed by a walk with baby brother. It’s 11:15.

The lit mag, apparently I spelled someone’s name. Oops. So that is fixed, we havent’ printed hard copies yet. I knew I was stalling for a reason. I don’t like acting until I get several voices onboard. A simple majority. I will have to inform the ISSN about this, and replace the link on patreon. I should also get to creating a version that will work for hard cover print. I don’t as of now know how to do a spread front and back cover. I don’t know if that’s possible in OpenOffice.

CJ seems to be recovering, but he always says that. I mean, he found the strength to email me. That’s not nothing. But I worry about him. He hasn’t been following our artist conversations.

That’s it. For some reason it seems like a lot. First day after sleep to catch up on socials in the morning. Twitter is mostly posts from The Economist. Meh. Twitter Tumblr Instagram WordPress Twitch.

I like being an editor of a lit mag. I just don’t like when things are going slowly. “Turn on some centrifuges or something!” a professor once said about a slow day in a lab I was in. lol. I feel the same way, now. Maybe I wasn’t always that way. Who knows.

Wow. Dad fucking fucked me while I was in the middle of a post. Asshole. Never come when summoned by a monster like him, he always NeEdS HeEllP loser asshole slime. Garbage human. What a waste of breath.

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