I had a dream and I thought I remembered it so well, but turns out what I can talk about it so slim. There are so many sentiments and feelings that the spoken tongue doesn’t cover, as it turns out, as I found out when I tried describing to my mother. There was something, like, a movie, different time periods, about my mother I described this part my mother when she was younger and she had a professor and she got signatures from presumably him? (connecting the dots here) and she kept those signatures on book jackets to this day, but I don’t think it was real. But just, seeing her younger, made me, it was, really valuable for me, to see her alive and well in her youth, to see she has had a life.

Then there was something about me, father driving me somewhere, school or a neighborhood or something, and there was a door to an apartment and then a house, and presumably inside the house there was this mechanical electrical device I needed some friends help completing the tasks to make it work and we did.

And then–and these three parts could be in totally the wrong order–there was something about magic, like in Harry Potter but possibly a different universe. Mmm. Wholesome.

That’s all I remember. It was very warm all out and I wish I could’ve had more time there, but time in dreams is often all too fleeting.

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