I don’t know what to say. I sent my therapist a message, just chatting, complaining about some things. Internet culture is pretty trashy. I said that to him. Complaints about my ADD.

My kratom use is down for the day, which is nice.

I notice these speech patterns from people, and it’s annoying when they’re repetitive or just like what everyone says. That’s why I say some people are brainless–because they don’t seek to find original ways of expressing themselves in their day-to-day. Mph. Whatever.

I’m just stalling till my next dose.

I’m sub-20 at the moment, which is good. It’s 7:30. 7:35.

Reading would be awesome. That would spice up my life so much. I wonder if I will get a Ritalin prescription and if it will work. I’d be on 4 meds then, though, and mom would not be happy. My liver would probably not be happy later on in life, too. But I’d think I’d get off the Risperdal eventually. That one, according to one doctor on the internet, is tough on the liver. Like Tylenol. Apparently Tylenol is really tough on the liver. I tend not to use it.

Hmm. That’s all.

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