I really want to meet cool, artistic people here on WordPress. That would be choice. But it’s just, how do I do that? I have no idea how to find what I’m looking for, like, ever. There’s no like, Google-for-people. The media would just shit on that as unethical and base. I don’t know, seems […]

There’s nothing easy. Nothing to do on the internet that is just like perfect. It looks like hard work is the only way out. Be it reading, working hard at the piano, or learning to draw. It’s gonna be rough. I don’t anticipate I will put forth the effort for a while to come. But […]

There are artistic things out there. I legitimately remember times in my life when I’d found great works of art and obsessed over them and fell in love, and was entertained for a great while. It’s just, that has been a long time ago, and nothing since then. So, I’m in a dry spell, and […]

Mom fell asleep early. Really having no one talking to, while being tempted by all the people who live in the house, is really strange. She falls asleep early on her days off? Well not always. Sometimes she stays up late. Hmm. I guess she’s tired from work. She’s getting old, sorry to say.

I don’t know. I guess the closest word is “bored” but “sick” would be a good second place. Sick to my stomach. Bored of this shit. Bored and tired of swearing all the time. I wish I could be more proper. But it just slips and it’s so easy when no one cares what I […]

I can’t stand some people. Some women are absolute bitches, and some men are complete pricks. Fuck, man. Why. No one ever really gets in my way though, except there were some instances of that at my last job. Which was wholly unintellectual, btw. Fucking losers. They were. Stomach ache. Took a couple of alka […]

I tried 10 mg of propanolol tonight. It arrived in the mail today. I’m tired. Whoof. I’m supposed to start 10 mg twice daily, up it by 10 mg twice daily until 40 mg twice daily, or until it works, whichever is sooner. I decided to start in the evening with just one tab instead […]

There’s nothing to do. I want to go for a walk thru the neighborhood, simple enough, then the question of if mom should come. Of course she should, she has hypertension and needs to exercise. But she wants to eat soup first, so now I have to wait, and she’s a slow eater. Not like […]

My work laptop arrived so I cleaned up my desk to fit either my PC laptop or my work laptop, one at a time but with a little stow away space for either on the left or on the right, and just tidied up my room a bit. It’s neater but there’s a way to […]