My work laptop arrived so I cleaned up my desk to fit either my PC laptop or my work laptop, one at a time but with a little stow away space for either on the left or on the right, and just tidied up my room a bit. It’s neater but there’s a way to go organization-wise. What I really want to do is get rid of clothes I don’t need anymore but it’s a disease about so it’s hard to get it done. I mean there’s a donation bin near us, so I could just dump in there, but I wonder if it’s accepting or possibly full. My closet is overstuffed because mum buys me too many clothes (annoying).

So yeah, I’m just ready for work on Monday. It’ll be a video introduction with my manager at 9, then probably training on the computer the whole first week. On-site lab training is a week after I start, so I’m remote for the first week.

There’s a lot to do, in terms of cleaning and organization.

I also need to finish debugging my server, building it and stuff. It boots for a few seconds then turns off, and cycles like that ad infinitum. It’s not the power supply cuz a fresh one doesn’t solve the problem. So I may need a new motherboard. I wonder if the warranty on this one is still good. Hmm…

That’s all.

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