I can’t stand some people. Some women are absolute bitches, and some men are complete pricks. Fuck, man. Why.

No one ever really gets in my way though, except there were some instances of that at my last job. Which was wholly unintellectual, btw. Fucking losers. They were.

Stomach ache. Took a couple of alka seltzers, taking two more. Puked but very little, didn’t get the flow started. Only 15 cups today so far. Cravings are down and I’m more relaxed.

I took a nausea pill but it doesn’t seem to be working, for stomach pain.

My phone gives me these the stupidest reddit and google updates that I don’t give a shit about. Why.

Life is miserable. That statement is a little sarcastic this time, though. I’m doing alright. It’s just fun to be negative.

Gonna go drink my second alka seltzer pair. Brb.

Cool. Threw up just a tad more. Kratom, of course. But not enough to purge the whole stomach. I wish I could. I wish it were easier to initiate. Probably safer to be under nature’s control, though. In case I go crazy or something.

Some burping.

What are we talkin bout but GI issues? How fun.

I have nothing to talk about, though. And no one to talk to. Mom fell asleep and she’s a pretty boring person when you think about it. I was thinking about what my ideal partner would look like today. I couldn’t really decide. I don’t know what character traits I am attracted to. I haven’t had much exposure to people in my life in general so I don’t know what’s out there.


The kratom just sort of sits in my stomach. Nasty shit. Even with just 15 cups, there’s a lot undigested in there.

Fuck I hate Twitch streamers. They’re so annoying. And there’s nothing else to do, so I’m stuck with them and their shitty personalities. Lowlifes. Garbage. Fuck fuck fuck.

I don’t know what to do.

But it’s better than it normally is.

No really, I have nothing interesting to talk about.

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