People are so fucking stupid and annoying. I’m filled with so much loathing right now it’s unbelievable. It needs to come out but I don’t know how. I need to go boxing or kickboxing. Just joking. I need to play soccer is what I need to do. I wouldn’t last more than ten seconds, five […]

I’m feeling so fucked. I’m on the verge of great psychological anguish, I can sense it, without being in any actual pain at the moment. It scares me. No one is smart enough to find me and talk to me. No one is smart enough for me. =( Science job starts Monday. Friend not responding […]

I wish I had something to do. I wish I could read. My psychiatrist prescribed me propranolol for anxiety though it’s not anxiety, it’s akathisia, so it shouldn’t work, in regard. So he’s stupid. I told him I can’t stop moving around and he thinks it’s anxiety or something. Stupid psychiatrist. But it might work. […]

I wish I could produce artistic writing. Even my poetry isn’t that good lately. God. My talent is running dry. I have no more emotions or what it is creative juice with which to make beauty. I just don’t have it. Why? Is it something about my meds making me deader?