People are so fucking stupid and annoying. I’m filled with so much loathing right now it’s unbelievable. It needs to come out but I don’t know how. I need to go boxing or kickboxing. Just joking.

I need to play soccer is what I need to do. I wouldn’t last more than ten seconds, five seconds, in a sprint. And it would take like five minutes to recover. I would pass the ball as soon as possible, and I would always miss. I guess people of my skill level would be good.

People are so fucking retarded. God I hate them. Nerds especially, they have this like culture, and like laugh and have fun, and are so narrow-minded in their tastes and just act respectful and are never angry, always perfect, but when shit hits the fan they’re vicious. Nerds are evil.

Pop fans are retarded. There’s not really anything else to say there.

People with real culture, who like orchestral compositions and read books, have some merit, but it’s hit or miss, still, and the odds are never good.

It’s so rare to meet someone of quality. Even my own family has not been cutting it lately.

I’m so profoundly alone.

But you know what, fuck that, and fuck you, I’ll be fine. The propranolol will get rid of my akathisisa, I’ll be normal, and fine, and I’ll get something for my ADD so I can read and interact with media again, and I’ll be on like six meds, but beside that, life will be charming and smashing. I’ll buy a house with my stable job income in a medium income area, safe enough, and decorate it to my liking, so it’s comfortable-cozy, and live happily ever after. That’s that. Done even square.

So. Don’t think it’ll be like this forever. You may be happy now, but I’ll be happy too, later. And then you’ll be sorry. Then I’ll be laughing. Whatever that means.

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