No one talks to me. There’s no art to get lost in. I’m poor, of soul, of heart. I’m broken and destitute, of mind, of spirit. I have no home, in truth, in actuality.

Oh man I got a gnarly canker sore on the left side of my tongue. So irritating. Ugh! I keep impulsively trying to pop it with my teeth, but that only makes it worse. It should be better by tomorrow morning after a good night of sleep.

Work went well, but same problem now: I want someone to talk to, just friends, close friends, and I have no one to talk to. Poop. Social media is anything but social if you don’t know anyone in the real world. It’s a death trap to waste your precious time. Maybe my psychiatrist will be […]

So sick of training. It’s all stupid shit. But also, kratom withdrawal. I guess this blog and all this sensitive stuff (my beliefs, drug use history, geographic information, job industry, wow that’s a lot) are linked to my IP address now? I should look into WP’s policy on protecting IP address or personal data. I […]

Well, first day on the job. Working from home. Just the 9 am meeting, and then with my manager in the afternoon. Nothing spectacular. Some IT tickets I had to file, and again lots of training on the computer. Boring. I’m going through kratom withdrawal but it’s not that bad. I’m just fatigued. Which limits […]

I don’t have login credentials to my work laptop so I’m super nervous. I attended the 9 AM training for my staffing agency’s timecard system, but didn’t receive any instructions after that. People have been contacted, by me, but it’s been almost 45 minutes and still no hear back from manager or anyone about anything. […]