Work went well, but same problem now: I want someone to talk to, just friends, close friends, and I have no one to talk to. Poop.

Social media is anything but social if you don’t know anyone in the real world. It’s a death trap to waste your precious time.

Maybe my psychiatrist will be able, or the propranolol by itself will be able, to quell my stircraziness and allow me to read books! =D yayayya with CHARACTERS in them, and not need to talk to anyone after all. Mmmmm lovely idea.

I wish this blog could net me like, at least a few contacts.

But I think this is how the literary magazine started out. I met poets on here. Pretty neat. Yeah those connections are cool.

I find I often forget the good things I have in my life because they are overshadowed by the shit. =/. Ignorant of me.

Well in any case…

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