Kawaii Sugoi

Ahh, my lad. Sick of reading science documents at 2:30. So sad. Had so much hope for yee.

But really, I am, sick of it. I wonder if it will get earlier and earlier. Well it’s, this much training, only happens at start of hire, so it’s all trill.

Streamed last night. Dear Esther was pleasant. Submerged was meh. Might just try to beat it for the sake of beating it. Climbing the towers is annoying, though. I feel like people who play annoying repetitive video games are trained well for shitty jobs lol. LOL LLOloLolOLOlOLOLLLO~!!!!!!111

Kawaii sugoiiii desuuuuuuu n.n~*

Anyway. The workday isn’t over yet but I’m not being micromanaged right now so I can just like, take small breaks. Which works for me! It does actually, it refreshes me and I can then read more.

Brother is moving out b/c father moved back in from his trip to Florida. Good for him (brother), he’ll be happier away from father. And us, probably too. He didn’t say if on his own or with baby brother.

Met with my manager for the first time. I don’t like her as much as my temp manager, if race matters at all she is an Asian lady whereas the temp was white with dyed hair. Ah well it’s probably okay. But way better than ma lass jorb. Yearpah.

Sensing more good energy from myself. Hmm.

Kratom is stuck around 20 teaspoons/cups per day. Unfortunate. I have group rehab today in the evening, so I’ll go to that and see if anyone has any ideas. I’ll ask for time.

I increased to 4 pills of propranolol daily (2 morn 2 eve), so that should get me less restless. Less restless is an awesome rhyme and onslaught of sibilance. Can’t believe I spelled sibilance correctly…

Just some update.


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