Just sent my therapist a message. The tone of it was more mellow and less frantic than the norm, signaling improvement. It’s not ALARM ALARM ALARM miseryYYEYYYYYY but more like, well, nag nag nag, things could be better =/ Which I see as an improvement. I feel mellower today. The propranolol is probably working. I […]

I’ve done like 3 SOPs training today, and I don’t want to do anymore right now. I’ll take a break and do maybe one more today. It’s 3 PM. I slept through a portion of the morning because I was up last night until 4 AM. Boy, was I angry! Lol. So, I’ll just take […]

I have nothing to say, but I have to write because I also have nothing to read. I have no one to follow, who posts nothing to see, so there is nothing to respond or react to. In short, I have no media to consume, and WHY does this sentence have to sound perfect by […]

Okay, only about an hour and a half to two hours of this shit left, and we’re good for a royal breakfast from myself to myself. Need to stop swearing. Need to pick up the style and class. Need to be less angry. Need to be more cognitive (can never spell that word right on […]

What now? Bit-wise operator? Ahahahahaha caught you! Caught you fucking me over again! You didn’t want me to write that down in that order, in that way! You’re breaking the law by restricting my freedom of speech again! Well I caught you. And you’re going to burn in hell for eternity, so good fucking luck […]

When’s the last time you’ve heard discussion of “artist at heart”? I am an artist at heart. And what I’ve been, all I’ve been saying this whole time, but really, it boils down to one simple sentence, is that: I’m trying to meet other artists at heart. That’s it.