First Week of Work ETC

I wonder if this blog has paid back its need a thousand times over. If the little bits of saving my sanity, not much but… no, not even enough, but some, over long periods of time, has paid back. Or am I clinging to something useless and I should force myself into healthier activities?

I slept through the last two hours of work from home today. I felt terrible about it at first. Then I had to fill my time card online and I lied about the hours worked, of course you fill for 40 hours a week by default, what I mean is not how many hours worked, but like lunch was only on monday vs every day of the week. It’s easier to just do it without lunch even if I had lunch so that’s lying, but fuck them, they should make their software easier to use. If it were easier I wouldn’t lie. Ass-shits.

I’m glad it’s the weekend. At least I tried to do some useful things this week. Reading lots of SOPs. At the beginning of the week I had other training, video stuff, too. I think I’m all done with that. The curicculum isn’t organized very well. Of course wp tells me when words are misspelled I just don’t care to fix them.

Nick responded to a text today, hooray. Rhyme slime.

Mommy made me a yummy sandwich and I ate it. I also had past. Past for lunch, sammich for dinner. Backwrrd.

Maybe I will listen to more music tonight. I want to find good new stuff but I don’t have a good search algorithm down, manually, just myself executing it, yet. I find I reduce things to patterns and algorithms in daily life, to be successful. that’s a tip for success, by the way. If you can make it simple and formulaic to be generated, it’s easy to do. FYI.

Well anyway. My first paycheck won’t be here for a few (3?) weeks. I don’t know if this is a pay period end week or not, either. We have to fill at the end of each week with this temp staffing firm.

Also I need to get: A Hep B vaccine, a Covid vaccine, and an HPV vaccine. Yes, I’m male. But you don’t want any of those in your bloodstream, regardless of gender. I’m NOT doing it thru concentra and waiting 2 hours. I’ll do it thru kaiser and pay a little. Less than a hundred bucks is okay for me. Even more is tolerable. Healthcare is so fucked up in the States. It’s such a shit country.

I think that’s it. If blanking is an indicator, which it isn’t, necessarily. Anyway. I’ll try to find some new tunes and enjoy the evening. I can’t make any promises.

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