How is it even possible for so many people to be so unfathomably uninteresting. And then there are those with stupid opinions, really stupid opinions, not founded in logic or fact or respect, even. Humanity is just utter trash. No entertainment value from meeting people. Zero.

But I’ve talked like this before. Nothing new ever happens.

Fuck me, crap, shit, piss. Piss on wounds. I wish I could exercise. Life is misery. I can’t believe I have to exercise to feel happy. I wonder if this fucking risperdal makes me feel like shit and it’s just like not on record, or the fucking doctor is hiding it from me, and I don’t remember.

God I’m so angry at my life. Why am I so boned. How do I feel good. I would do drugs if I were a free agent, but, y’know, my family owns me, I’m a slave to my job, annnnnd, I’m on heavy psychiatric meds that would kill me if interacted with. So, basically, I’m not allowed to enjoy the most pleasant thing on the planet–drugs.

Natural highs are alright, they’re like gentle and serene, but they’re not intense bliss. I need the hard stuff, action, blam right in my face with the dopamine and serotonin. I need some euphoria.

Why is this shit illegal. Fucking republicans are ass fucks, and democrats are pussies. Fools.

I am so angry.

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