Well, I’m off to bed. If I don’t fall asleep for about half an hour in bed, I’ll get back on the computer and blog some more. No reward for what I do. Low quality, people would call it. Most of the shit on WP is pretty low quality, anyway, so I don’t see how I’m any different. I even volunteer more personal information than the average blogger, I’d say, which makes it more intimate and you get to know me better. But that’s just my opinion.

Tomorrow, I might go for a walk with mom, might not. Just something short. Or, I could go to the park by myself. We’ll see. I wish there was more I could do, particularly in the sports/hiking department, but it is pretty restricted (by mom). Sigh.

But it’s Saturday, so I’ll make breakfast, wake up late then make breakfast, enjoy the day. Hopefully I’m not too listless and crazed.

I’m not really angry right now. It’s interesting. After a week of shitty SOPs/training it’s hard to be angry, I guess.

Yeah. I guess that’s it. I could go on but I’ll try to get to sleep.


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