I imagine if I were strander on a desert island with a handful of other people and resources were limited I would get into a lot of fights if they weren’t equitable. I’m a very indignant justice-warrior type, so if there’s wrongdoing in any regard, I throw a fit.

Except when my livelihood depends on it. Then I lay low and suffer on the inside.

Let me tell you, the latter doesn’t feel good. Crushing your own soul to survive doesn’t feel good to an indignant justice-warrior.

Oh, in other news, it’s official: Middle brother is an asshole. He has nasty voice and is mean to others for no reason, without provocation, myself and mother included. Typical asshole. I’m not allowed to write about his personal life, even if this blog is anonymous, so I won’t. But. There may be reasons…

Good morning!

What will I do today? Yesterday I had planned on doing something today. I don’t think honestly I will end up succeeding in that goal =(. So likely, I’ll just go for a walk through the neighborhood.

And it’s like, is me hating your culture supposed to make me feel sorry for you or something? I’m sorry you have to live in and through your own culture. I’m not sorry for the insults. Maybe you hate your own culture! You neverrr knowwwww…

Jumping around. Woogaboogaboo.

I never understood the premise of diversity-based-on-skin-color. That seems really superficial. Diversity based on culture seems more appropriate. So like, if two cultures have similar skin color but drastically different customs, they should be considered “different” rather than say two that happen to have different skin color but similar customs. I don’t know if any of this maps on to the real world, but, it only makes sense to me. Beauty is skin deep? Anyone? Superficiality? Eh? Eh?


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