I hope I can be productive at work this week. It would be nice to get through four SOPs a day, so, twenty more by the end of the week. I have like 70 more to go, so in four weeks I should be done, with some leeway.

I don’t know what to do. I guess it’s time for some kratom. Meaning more frequently for the next two hours. Might even make it to 30 ;) (fuck)

Vickta, known as Violet_Vi, on twitch, has such a nice rack. Jesus. It’s not just big, it’s shaped so round and bulgy. It’s beautiful.

I guess I need to start rephrasing what I mean. I have things to do; I’m just not interested in any of them. So it IS anhedonia, when you put it that way. Which means it’s depression. Damnit! I’m depressed!? Not again! I didn’t know.

Getting restless. I need other young people to do things with. My life is, I think anyone in my situation would feel totally fucked, not just me.

I am listening to some of my tunes. My speakers are very good, I have a wooden sub, and a Yamaha receiver. It is very nice soundscape in the room. But it’s not enough. Watching Twitch, or listening to music, or doing this or that, just isn’t enough. Maybe it’s true. Maybe when you get […]