I nodded off yesterday, I don’t know when, early. Woke up half-awake around 9 PM, then again around 10, then 12. If memory is correct. It might not be. Had some dreams, pleasant dreams, about people or places I have either seen or not seen. Doing things. Dreams always make me feel so alive. Instead of rummaging about after waking up I decided to slumber-party and sleep it out until morning. It’s 5:06 AM, I am awake and it’s cold in the room. I guess I could put on a sweater. I don’t know. Socks.

It would be normal for someone like me to go outside and look at the stars. I didn’t do this, indicating abnormal times, both familial and worldly.

Brother is moving out. Father wants him and I to make a floorplan for a house (don’t know how to, bitch) so he can hire people to build it on a lot he would buy. I want no part of it. Not if dad is the man behind it. He’s too big a bitch to deal with. Brother will just move wherever apartment on his own, good for him.

I guess socks and a sweater.

All bundled up now. Hmm.

One window on my room is permanently closed off because it opens up straight into the neighbor’s window, which they respectively keep constantly closed as well. But there’s no view, either way.

Brr. Body heat needs to warm up the insulation.

Maybe I’ll make breakfast today. Early in the morning. It’s 5:12 AM. Wow, that was short. Hmm.

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