I don’t know how long I was asleep, but I took a mid-day nap. I don’t think very long. Possibly an hour. Well worth it, good use of time. And within like 7-8 minutes of waking up and milling around I realize I am trapped in my life’s prison, again, and that there is no escape. I always forget that! Silly. Gah! Those 7-8 minutes I could have been gnawing on the bars of my cage or something.

Mom’s room reeks of chemicals or organic compounds that smell like chemicals (organics compounds are chemicals, folks), so I can’t hang out with her in her room.

I want a cozy cabin in the woods where I can go during winter to enjoy the snow. I don’t know how long. Now that I work, I don’t have any more than the time in between Christmas and New Year’s. It’s saaaaad. School was more liberal. But I guess to keep things productive, what oh. To keep it going, nay eh.

My body angle with the laptop is very unergonomic. It’s bothering my left foot’s sole. I don’t know which soul/sole/soal it is. Well that rules out one of them. It’s like, angled, though, to the left. So my left foot get’s angled against the ground. Nnnnnn! Whine!

I never have anything to say. I want a simple happy life. I haven’t been able to get that so far. Father has ruined my life in ways many. If I can stay stable at work and qualify for a housing loan, we’ll have the pleasure of dealing with his raging head when we tell him we’ve found another real estate broker to make the transaction! Oh boy! Well fuck. He’s such a parasite, why can’t he just leave. A new home would be perfect, though. I think that’s what I need.

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