Um. Let’s see.

Work is going well. If you were paranoid, you’d think my company was dystopian overlord. No, we’re just cool and mean well and smart and do everything right. 8-)

Will probs go to the park with mom and bro before the end of the work day. I got a lot of work done today so I give myself permission to cut out early. I love working from home.

Bought a black MTG card that gives a creatures -5/-5. I didn’t know that existed! I was aware of, oh what’s it called, the -4/-4 instant, but not the former.

Dude outside with his kid in a stroller.

Dude. What a word. Like dookey. Like a terd. Dude = terd. What kind of dude came out of your butt today?

I’m not echanting you, I’m not charming you, I’m just passing the time.

Got some music playing.

I’m feeling alright. 6 cups kratom today so far. Not bad. Given I wake up early for work.

Haven’t done anything creative in a while. Haven’t exercized heavily in a while.

Lots os spelling mistakes. Lots os gramma.

She seemed kind of like the person who would not tolerate someone’s personal life. She seemed, something seemed wrong with her. The way she wrote was weird. Her paintings were nice, but not really skilled. Most literary magazines don’t have skilled artists, to be frank.

Who? Who aaaaaaa uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu???????


in bubbles

lol in bubbles


I don’t know, I’m getting tired for the day and the next training is longish so I don’t know how much more I’m going to be able to get done today.

Staffing agency hasn’t gotten back to me about the SARS vaccine for myself.

For myself vs for me. Difference.







What else…

Beside word games…

Oh yess! Michelle Branch! Sexy white bitch.


She was a good singer. I wonder what happened to her.

It must be weird to have a symphonic effect over your voice live when you’re singing. It must make you, as the singer, feel weird. I guess you’d get used to it tho.

This is not ergonomic at all. How my laptops are set up. I wasn’t anticipating have two up at the same time but it was inevitable, in the end.

Shape. The shape of a piece.


Love literary analysis. Haven’t seen anything worth analyzing in a while. I guess you can apply it to whatever. But really it is only for works of merit.

What else…

I’m tired. I don’t know what to do. there’s hope for me medically. I haven’t had any psychosis for weeks to months, since the depakote kicked in, so i might be able to reduce my risperdal and regain some dopamine and serotonin and not feel like shit all the time, and also not have to move around all the time.

From place to place.

No I mean pacing and restlessness.

From home to home.

Ahh, just being artsy.

I’ve never met someone like myself online. Not many creative types out there.

Stroking ego. Mrrrrr mrrrrr :3.

I’ll leave it at that for now. Never fulfilled.

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