I was napping (during work, whatever, not important) and got a vision of a beautiful, not ravenously beautiful, but charming young woman with dark brown or black hair, a button nose, of Caucasian origin it seemed, in a pose, and it was almost a cartoon, but more artistic than that. Her face was to the […]

Well, I made it to 12:32 feeling alright. That’s about the norm–between 11 and 1. Sigh. Things downhill from here, in a bad way. Smash it up at the bottom. No booze, though.

Remote work is wonderful in its flexibility. The demands of the company really are put first–and I guess fighting for that spot if your wellbeing. They share first, I guess let’s put it that way. If there’s nothing that needs to be done, it’s against policy to sleep in even a little without permission, but […]