I was napping (during work, whatever, not important) and got a vision of a beautiful, not ravenously beautiful, but charming young woman with dark brown or black hair, a button nose, of Caucasian origin it seemed, in a pose, and it was almost a cartoon, but more artistic than that. Her face was to the camera, and she was on all fours, doggy style… and she was nude. There may or may not have been a man behind her ready to BONE. But, anyway. I thought it looked incredibly artistic, and it inspired me to briefly look up art nudes on the internet, and there’s some great stuff out there, but I didn’t see anything with this pose during my brief search. I also didn’t find cartoons/digital art of nudes, just photographs.

I probably won’t get any more SOPs done today. I only have like 39 left. That’s not that many. One on statistical analysis is 45 (PDF) pages though. Ahyup.

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