Oh wow. The font is different on the editor. Hmm.

I woke up late because I was dreaming about my high school friends, and when I woke up it made me miss them. During my dream I felt like, it was so good and warm and just comforting to be with them. The dream revolved around some of them having gone (in the dream, I don’t know if IRL or not) on travel around the world, and the feeling was that sort of raised them on a dais to like senior status or some form of betterment than those who were not “worldly travelers”, myself included. Amber had gone to Germany, some Asian country/ies, Jon Ng went to China, others went a few places. Especially Amber, she was always the mature one.

Ugh. I messed up real bad, I brought problems into the group. But I guess people decided to leave the group whether or not it was my fault. I just feel like I accelerated the process.

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