Like, I just need, I need to start realizing when something is no longer healthy. I don’t do that, as of now. I keep doing something, or taking something (not too many things, thankfully), until it’s like way past a healthy stopping point. If anything this blog is as unhealthy as the kratom! The way I write is not… conducive to a positive mindset. For anyone.

I need to change. I don’t think it will require revolutionizing myself from the inside out, but I will have to pluck a few wires. I’ll have to figure out how to spend my time waaaaaaaaay better than I do now, to figure out how to occupy myself healthily.

Ugh. I’ve had inklings that there was something wrong about my blog and the way I conduct it, and now I think I just know.

I might touch more on this in the future, but that’s all I wanted to say for now.

Had 6 tacos and half a burrito. Blurgh.

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