Most decisions won’t drastically change my life. I need to stop overdramatizing the consequences of everything. Yes, I need to get off kratom, but even that isn’t like gg for me. It’s all okay. It’s all fine.

I bet boobs were an evolutionary advantage b/c they looked hot so women with them got raped and had kids more often than women w/o boobs. #legitimatescience #notjustahypothesis

Women on the internet are too sensitive. From what I’ve seen. Then again, I haven’t seen a lot of women being harassed too much either, which apparently happens all the time so my data set is skewed. What the fuck is gender anyway, though. Who cares.

Mom is outside in the rear yard sitting in front of Iris’s shrine, contemplating. It’s cold outside but she has one of those what are those called after the shower a bathrobe on. She has a bathrobe on. White but discolored white, off-white. There is something profoundly profoundly lonely about knowing that no one will […]

I had my blood drawn to check for Hepatitis B antibodies. Next up I have an apt with my psychiatrist. Really tired for some reason. Have a sore throat, too. Ugh. I hope I don’t have a cold. My room has been cold lately.