I can’t even breathe, the house is so tense and cramped. Father is always there, ready to be an ass, and mom is constantly bugging me about this or that. Brother is reserved and standoffish. Not a good family, for not a good household. Clutter everywhere, even my own room is not comfortable. I don’t […]

Well, it’s been roughly an hour and though I’ve been able to more or less enjoy some Twitch, an RP story TTRPG from some people, once they went to break my psychotic break came back nearly full force. The clonazepam doesn’t seem to do much but I guess it’s better than nothing? I don’t know […]

I’m starting to have a hard time. It’s 3:48 PM on Saturday. I didn’t opt to pick up the meds the addiction medicine doctor prescribed me because I want to mitigate coronavirus risk. I didn’t know how to get in touch with the pharmacy to ask them to mail it. But now that the automatic […]

It’s Saturday. The weather is beautiful. There’re even a few clouds in the sky, it knows I like that. And we could go anywhere in the vicinity, some redwood forest, other places, the coast, anything. I don’t want to go anywhere because I’m scared I would get irritated. My fam isn’t very good at encouraging […]

Why is WordPress Personal so expensive. Also, why can we not speak in the Gaelic Germanic accenture of status: Wise ise itte hoften the case zat vi dew nawt goueee anyvir vissout mise frienz. That was totally made up and not founded at all in historical fact so don’t quote me. You’d think I would […]