I’m starting to have a hard time. It’s 3:48 PM on Saturday. I didn’t opt to pick up the meds the addiction medicine doctor prescribed me because I want to mitigate coronavirus risk. I didn’t know how to get in touch with the pharmacy to ask them to mail it. But now that the automatic thing reset, I can just order it again online and ask for mail delivery.

I just popped two clonazepam because I’m starting to have an episode and one doesn’t do anything. Good thing I recorded the time.

So, I’m hoping the clonidine will be another useful PRN for agitation. The clonazepam is pretty weak. I’ll have to make sure my blood pressure is okay throughout this whole time. It’s now low but clonidine and the propranolol I take lower blood pressure, so that is like two meds that could interfere with my cardiovascular system.

Anyway mom and bro are back from a forest they visited without me (because I wanted to stay at home) and I will greet them.

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