I talked to my mother. About Octopath Traveler, about this and that, my brothers, things. I can talk to her but it’s not great but if I initiate it’s something. She doesn’t start it off ever with anything interesting. It doesn’t work because I’m not an initiator. I’m not assertive unless I have to be.

What did I come here to say. I came here to say something.

She wants me to sleep until like 10. I slept 6 hours from 6 PM to 1 AM minus one hour from daylight savings time. I don’t think I need to sleep any more but I might take a nap eventually. Once I get bored of the computer. Things have to be pretty extreme for me to be bored of the computer.

I don’t have a boxspring under my mattress, and I have two mattresses. I need to give one to my mom because her mattress situation is not so good.

I am not an expansive thinker. I don’t know what happened, or if I’ve always been like this. I don’t remember my childhood. Having dreams. I don’t remember. Am I narrow-minded?

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