You have to think, what attracts someone to a video game? What base instinctual desires from our historic ancestry do we crave above all else? Violence? Victory? Social status in the form of money? And, as it turns out, some form of story.

So far, many games capitalize on most if not all of those desires and deliver what our base ego wants. It’s heroin for the caveman in us all.

But it seems to me that culture is beginning to shift, that not everyone wants these simplistic things in a game anymore.

I don’t really feel like writing an essay on this, but I feel like at some point I should. I should explore what could be featured in games that is not currently featured, and why the presence of so much violence and what it does to us. Whether it numbs us or is just fine. I don’t know. I’m not against violence in video games, but, it doesn’t appeal to me personally when it’s the main selling point in a game. I tend to shy away from it nowadays.

Or does anyone who used to be a gamer whose taste grows milder just shift to novels? I don’t know.

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