Well, I took another nap, a few hours, and now it’s back to my Mental Decay Terminal (MDT) (TM) (R)–i.e. this computer.

I have a stomach ache like I often do, and a sore throat, and suddenly in my mom’s eyes I have covid. Ugh. Annoying.

Worse, she thinks taking some supplements will help fight it off. They never bothered to explain how it works to me before, now they just want me to pop some supplements.

Brother has like literally probably a hundred bottles of different supplements in his room. He has a problem and it’s out of control. No one has talked to him about it. Of course mom won’t, she’s almost as bad as him. Let him rot in his own disease.

So that’s about the situation. Might take a bath. The excitement of the evening; a bath. Sigh. What has my life become. I don’t even care how I come across on paper anymore. I used to care about style points. I don’t care about style points anymore. Work tomorrow after a pointless meaningless weekend. No more pleasure. Work is my only solace. Life is stupid and there’s no escape.

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