I don’t know why my server doesn’t work and I don’t have anyone to help me. I wish someone could help me. I think it’s the motherboard at this point in time but I don’t know for sure. It’s not the power supply because replacing it with a new one doesn’t do anything. I need to check online if there are any forums where I could get help.

Also if it is the motherboard, uninstalling the processor is going to be a hassle, but I thought it would be messy but it won’t–the thermal paste is in between the fan and the processor, which stay together thankfully. The processor comes off the motherboard, though. And I would have to buy a new motherboard. Annoying. More money down the hole.

I’m feeling alright right now. I don’t really have anything to do. One more hour then done with work. I’m at 15 cups of kratom and it’s 4 PM. Not bad, not great.

I’m thinking of decreasing my antipsychotic to test. Mom’s suggestion. It will make me less restless and relieve some reward neurotransmitters.

My psychiatrist is an absolute dipshit. So is all of Kaiser Permanente, modern medicine, Western medicine, American medicine. It’s a fucking scam. Socialized countries are just better and republicans are holding the country back. Fucking cunts.

I finished my training. I thought I would’ve felt happier but apparently I don’t.

I need to see if/when Nick is available for a photo shoot somewhere in a forest or something. To shoot nature photography or something like that. Not each other, the scenery.

What else…

I think that’s it? I feel like I’m forgetting something, though.

Yeah that fucking motherboard. Annoying. Tech support never responded. I should probably contact them again first. Or just to hell with it and buy a new one. I don’t know. I have the money so that’s not a problem.

Soon I’ll be getting a biweekly paycheck, too, which is awesome. Hooray! n_n

Yeah. I guess that’s it for now.

Oh yeah. I want to clean up my room but there’s no room to move anything, so I can’t, so I feel terrible because I’m a neat person and it drives me crazy. I hate this room. I am so fucked. I feel terrible.

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