It’s 4:59 AM. I just came from downstairs to turn off a fire hazard my dad left while sleeping on the sofa in the living room. Some deformed sausage beast thing was burnt to a crisp in a sauce pan on medium heat with the air vent on. I could smell the smoke from my room, still can, so I woke up / couldn’t sleep. I turned off the gas and rinsed off the outside of the pan with water to cool it down, but then just put it back (gas is off now, remember?). Fan still on, opened a window to the kitchen to ventilate. My room has a window open too. I don’t like inhaling all this smoke but what am I gonna do, live outside for the next three hours? Chest is starting to hurt but it could be psychosomatic. I hate that effect! Why does it make everything so inaccurate!?

That’s it.

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