All I do is waste my time/life. I don’t even care about whining all the time. But not doing things is terrible. No amount of explaining that it’s not my fault, that it’s my brain’s neurochemistry, would suffice. But no one’s even really done that for me, to boot. So, you know. Fuck and shit and shit and stuff.

I’d like to read a lot. I think that would be coo. =). Get engrossed in stories about whatever. A Spool of Blue Thread seems to be about, so far, a family, from the midwest, and it spends some time in each of their backstoreis or story arcs to be specific. They all have character but its not cliche at all and neither does it bang you over the head trying to be artsy fartsy unique. It’s just good writing from a good writer. Thta’s why I love books. They are so much better than storytelling in video games. Flat out. Some movies are alright, but they’re shorter and I’d say books on average are still better. They’ve been around llonger. Books > movies >> video games. No questions asked.

I’ve been farting a lot the last… I do’t remember how long. Months? My brother doens’t llike when I do it in front of him so I have to hold it in and run off to the nearest bathroom. Just a side note.

I don’t have heavy dreams for writing, but it would be nice to get into short stories or at least improve my poetry. For that I think I’d need inspiration from other writers, in theri shorts and poems. Which means reading. Which I also dream of.

I feel sick.

There are some games with good plots, though, that I would like to play. And just some fun ones that are more light hearted.

Sorry baout the spelling and grammar DOn’t really care at this point in time. If they wanted me to spell correctly they would’ve designed a better keyboard.

They/them. Of course.


I think I’ll join a beginners pickup soccer thing when covid is over, too. If my social anxiety isn’t too bad. Although pushups and crunches and walking make me feeel alright so far. So maybe that is enough, in coombination with decreasing my risperdal. We’ll see how it pans out.


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