I’ll be going into lab next week to get my badge and be introductorily trained on everything. I have to get my cars’ license plates and years, which I do not know off the top of my head, to submit for a badge to the security front desk. Annoying. But I understand! I’m not angry with them. I’m just saying, I don’t feel like going outside in the cold without knowing where one of the cars is parked to find it. Ugh. I don’t like fetch quests.

Twitter is going well. I’m happy with my feed.

Just another work day.

My mom’s job is such hard work, and she doesn’t get paid enough. Harder than my job as a scientist.

I remember so many bad things about my previous job. My manager was an ass. Really, hard to spot, but once you know you know.

Will have to work on the next issue of our lit mag soon. Yielding some leadership to CJ on recruiting submissions.

What did I come here to say.

Taking some optional genomics training on my work computer.

Think I will start retaking my data science courses! Yayayayaya! A seminar today from research at work inspired me to continue to build my intellectual skill set. You never know when this or that will be useful. Data science in particular is useful for ANY scientific discipline.

It’s 1:37 and I haven’t eaten anything, and I’m not even hungry. Strange.

I guess that’s it for now. Mostly I’m just happy I’ve re-found the inspiration to continue self-educating. Wish me luck! ;)

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