So now I just need to go for a walk, do my pushups and crunches, and maybe have dinner in a few hours. I don’t know when I’ll want to do my very very mild workout. Just had a few chocolates but that’s the low hanging narrative fruit. Immediate goings-on instead of the bigger picture […]

I finished the genomics training, including the quizzes, which were a prerequisite for a video on some computational stuff about genomics, which I also watched afterwards. So I literally have nothing to work on right now, which will probably make me panic. But I’ll look for more training to do or something. or maybe I […]

I don’t know what to do. It’s the middle of a Thursday workday and I feel lost. I don’t have any work to do because I’m done with all my training and I’m waiting for my badge request to go through. Then next Tuesday I can get in-lab training. I’m working on a genomics video […]

I feel… I have work. No, I mean, my addiction doctor Who wants me on suboxone or methadone But it’s deadly if you take clonazepam or alcohol. I don’t like that risk in the house. Also I haven’t looked into side effects and withdrawal. How it all works. I’m so uninformed, I can’t possibly make […]