I feel…

I have work.

No, I mean, my addiction doctor

Who wants me on suboxone or methadone

But it’s deadly if you take clonazepam or alcohol. I don’t like that risk in the house.

Also I haven’t looked into side effects and withdrawal.

How it all works.

I’m so uninformed, I can’t possibly make a decision yet. She’s rushing things a bit. But she’s alright as a doctor.

Kind of a bitch. I like her.

Not that that’s important.

So we’re rescheduling our apt today for another day. Not sure how to reschedule, I know how to cancel.



Or it could just be that I’ve grown slothful around kratom, and don’t want to move my lifestyle.

I am a little scared what life will look like without it.

I’ve had an acrid stomach ache, not bowel proporitons just compact area, like literally feel the acid in my stomach or spice or whatever not working out, sitting there, unpleasant.

What to do. I’m shovel-headed, dishevel-headed today, in a million directions. Thank you, directions, for distracting me.

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