So now I just need to go for a walk, do my pushups and crunches, and maybe have dinner in a few hours. I don’t know when I’ll want to do my very very mild workout.

Just had a few chocolates but that’s the low hanging narrative fruit. Immediate goings-on instead of the bigger picture are so easy for me to talk about because I have some form of ADHD or some such. No one would believe me.

I was nervous all day because I said one thing that was borderline rude about one employee to another. Self-incriminated.

there’s like chip flakes on my carpet under my feet right under my feet where I see on my chair, sporadically, and I can never find them with my hands when I look. So annoying but not that annoying but still annoying. Qualifier after qualifier…

Found a few more poets to follow on here. I like the tags option WP added. I forgot that there’s that, to follow tags. It’s nice.

I need to study more data science tonight. I hope to hammer out a lot this weekend. We should probably also assemble my shelf.

Dad just coughed downstairs in a sounding way that was very not like him. I wonder if he’s okay but I don’t want to covid myself downstairs to check.

Good chocolates, though.

Well anyway. Another day. I think the blood pressure meds are helping me relax, not that my bood pressure was high.

mmm.. mmm…

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