It’s sad. It’s sad that we lost some folk from our magazine because of some transient anger I exhibited. It wasn’t even my true beliefs. But oh well.

Work turned into something today. I figured out to read the study design protocol for the experiments I will be helping run.

I need to clip my nails.

Nick hasn’t responded to any texts in a while. Of course I share what meds I’m on with him. the information not I don’t feed him the pills. I just tell him what I’m on, because i like talking and Why not.

Starting to advertise for AR on Twitter. Bleh. Bad. Too late.

Got rejected from a few more journals myself.

First paycheck and last unemployment pay should be here soon.

Will file taxes and get mega relief dollars. In addition to probably just getting tax credits or whatever its called.

Hungry but don’t want to eat anything.

Passionate but finding out the Do is not to do.

Should be reading Bergson or something. French philosophy. Philosophy helps me with existential crises. It is the underpinning of reality.

Science is good, too. It explores the world. But philosophy explains it.

Not too many likes of my most recent poem.


Work is my main thrust. And I’ve restarted this data science course. I remember the quiz was so hard last time, but now that I’m actually absorbing it shouldn’t be. And homework is always fun, programming homework. Python, Pandas, data science. Neatola.


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