Running out of ways to amuse myself. Tonight was pretty good, studying data science for a few hours. Learned quite a bit. It’s too late in the night to (hopelessly) message my friend Nick. I need to clip my nails and were I a normal person I could just hammer that out in two minutes right now. But for me it’s this big ordeal. Hygiene is so hard for me.

I can’t wait to study more tomorrow. I didn’t sign up for a complex analysis course tonight because I decided to focus on the data science, which I am paying for the get the cert. The math would just be without the cert, still important (complex analysis is, after all), but not official. So. Money prioritization. I do’n’t know, that makes sense to me.

No really, typing with even slightly longish nails is super annoying for me.

I am looking forward to the complex course though. I started it and didn’t do well on the first quiz so I just have to go back and remember how complex numbers work lol. Basic stuff. Phasers.

Differential geometry would be nice at some point. probably no course for that but rather a book. Books might be more challenging. I have some other math books I need to read, too.

I am always in this rush. Like I have to go somewhere. There’s time. We’ll get it all done. It’s aaaaalright.

Lemonvirus. The new deadly thing. Woopa.


I kinda want to go to sleep but it feels like it would be a waste. I’m not sure. I feel like I’ve grown more indecisive in the last few months. Along with mental recovery comes some personality shifts. I hope they’re not problematic.

I didn’t read any fiction tonight. Maybe tomorrow. The other thing I would like to get into. A Spool of Blue thread is pretty good. I need to finish it. I’m like 100 pages or less hrough and it’s about 400 pages. Maybe ore like 60/400. I like the style.

Should I go to bed?

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