I don’t know what to do. Something feels off. Maybe all my explanations are stupid. Maybe it’s not the brain cravings for productivity like I think. Maybe I’m just lonely or something. Or maybe I never will be able to explain it. I keep running away. I need some escape, always. Writing, reading, computer time. […]

Just as a reminder, remember (if you’re into that sort of thing) to follow my poetry blog at burndoubtstar.art, this personal blog is… you don’t have to follow this shit here. So. I was doing well reading for a while, yesterday, and I haven’t read at all today yet. Nor studied. I was trying to […]

Once you’re done perusing others’ posts, I guess it’s your turn to write. I had a nightmare which, in retrospect, I find rather entertaining. It’s something to analyze for my analytical mind at this dark-yet 6:30 AM Sunday morn. I was in a cafe, or rather, a restaurant, a diner. There were seats and tables, […]