Once you’re done perusing others’ posts, I guess it’s your turn to write.

I had a nightmare which, in retrospect, I find rather entertaining. It’s something to analyze for my analytical mind at this dark-yet 6:30 AM Sunday morn.

I was in a cafe, or rather, a restaurant, a diner. There were seats and tables, medium-to-lower quality, what you’d expect from a fun, no-nonsense place without all the fancy stuff. Reds, yellows, browns, the general tone of the establishment. In the crowd, and there were quite a few people at the place scattered about, were people I had met along my journeys (life, my life)–including faces from grad school (Brad & Hussein who I went to friend’s house with in San Jose and was bored with for three hours, Ana the undergrad who dealt me pot and whom I got psychotic with for the first time), and Pokimane was there from Twitch. Pokimane, in her style, siad you have to let the breasts just sag. There was some sort of crime on the street, and the distinction between inside and outside the diner was vague and blurry. These sort of Muppet-like creatures, tall, humanoid, but fuzzy and silly-looking, started forming near the crime scene, but they were “decorated” in clothes etc. like regular pedestrians–some joggers, some mothers with kids in strollers, etc. etc. The cops had their sirens on or at least the lights but weren’t rounding anyone up for questions it seemed. So, needless to say, bad associations with people at that diner. From the descriptions, you can tell. And, I stood up, and felt out of place like I felt in grad school, so nervous, ridiculed for even being alive by my very existence. I was waiting in line like some of them were, to be served I suppose.

Then a fat man in a green suit sat down on the chair next to me and started touching me, and it was inappropriate, and it really made me freak out. You might think it’s funny but it’s not funny.

Then the touches turned into claws of a monster growling under my bedsheets and I couldn’t escape it, black sharp claws, growling, in my bed, and IT was touching me.

Then I woke up and tried to ground myself.


All in all, nothing too traumatizing. I’m tough!

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