Rotting my brain on Twitch won’t make me feel any better, either. I’m gonna go stuff my face into issue 80 of Agni, the only issue I have. :3


I don’t know what to do. I read a little today, maybe 30 pages. That’s nothing for an adult, right? A literate adult. I need to ramp it up to like 50, then 70/80, then 100. Over the course of… how long? Whatever’s natural. It really doesn’t take that long. How much can you hammer […]

Fcuk, the kratom maeks me dizzayskeey, and it’s starting to tonight. I’m almost at… 20 cups? And I thought I used less than normal. -_-. At this rate I probably do need the suboxone.

A Sentimental Note

Starting to reach that point late at night, or rather I suppose, just at night, not that late, wherein I wish to speak with someone. Have an in-depth heartfelt conversation until 7 AM then go to work and have another great day. Am I good boyfriend material? I wonder. With all my flaws do I […]

I want something easy but productive, or eat least easy and feelgood. But all the low hanging fruit, as the adage goes, has been picked already. I was getting chills (in addition to my sore throat) and thus suspected a Covid infection, but it’s not that bad so in retrospect probably not. Or, not in […]

Starting Work & Realizing What Needs to Happen to Revolutionize My Life

I suppose, and it doesn’t quite take a rocket scientist to figure this out but it does take a little thinking, that it only takes one person in life to be happy: Yourself. Some feed off a spouse, mutually, live amicably as 2. Some need a family, 3, 4. Some have friends, 5, 6, 7. […]