I want something easy but productive, or eat least easy and feelgood. But all the low hanging fruit, as the adage goes, has been picked already.

I was getting chills (in addition to my sore throat) and thus suspected a Covid infection, but it’s not that bad so in retrospect probably not. Or, not in retrospect, but on second consideration.

My brother went to Cornell and studied abroad one semester or a year in Europe. Kinda cool. I never got to study abroad. I wish I had. I won’t talk about that any more to respect his privacy.

I’m not bothered that Nick doesn’t respond to my texts, or does so late. He does, but not all of them, and late. But that’s okay. I am starting to have a life.

I asked my mom what I should do that’s just… fun, for the rest of the night. But there is no more fun in my life for I am an opioid addict and once you experience that rush, there’s nothing finer. I am at a crossroads with drugs. They should be legal, but they can cause addiction. Blah. =X

What misfortune.

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