Sigh… what gibberish am I babbling… I feel like an airhead… And now I notice that everyone has an inherently different way of saying things! That part’s neat. :)

This blog is sort of like my home base, when I’m confused and don’t know what to do, which I am often, or just ambling idly. I had two naps today. I hope I can sleep tonight! I can’t tell if they were kratom-induced or not. I did some practice data anlysis–just playing around, really–on […]


Today is a fuck up so far. A bunch of juggling this and that, not busy-ness, but stupidity and systemic annoyance. No tasks assigned for today = nice, but also doesn’t keep me busy and I get antsy anhedonia. Sick for the nth day in a row (sore throat) = had to stay home (company-wide […]