Indian people are fucking fascinating. So much culture. Though the younger generations, Americanized, I find have often a cheesy sense of humor, which I don’t adore but can live with. :P

I lied that I had no cold/flu symptoms on Monday when I had to go in for training because I wanted to. Now they found out because I slipped and told them, and I’m worried I may be fired. I don’t know how forgiving my manager is, yet. Fuck. I need more anxiety in my […]

You gave me your number. I wanted to call. If I were in tune with my passionate rhythm, in tune with my own love, my own fire and fury, I would’ve called. I would’ve called before the notepad and pen hit the floor. Instead I made up some bullshit excuse like, well, I don’t want […]

I think of me, and love, and wonder what I’m like on it. Is it some sort of virus that transfuses your skin and changes your body odor? Do you squint your eyes less often? Will I finally be able to appreciate hugs? Will I finally enjoy the human touch? The only time I can […]