I’m feeling revitalized. Well I was, this morning, from about 10 to noon. Now in the last ten minutes the doom and gloom seems to be descending slowly again. Or is in a perpetual state of descent. I am a little, just slightly, less than 100% conscious right now, as though micro-buzzed by the kratom or something else. I like to think it’s the reading I’ve been doing. I’m little over halfway done with issue 80 of Agni. It is about 240 pages long. for comparison, our lit mag was about 50 pages long, but mostly poetry and with few flash fiction.

Some people in the world still prefer coal. They are stubborn shits, are they not.

Well all in all, what can we do?

Oh quite a lot, might I say.

Murder, number one, is a good option.

Then, sedition, when shit hits the fan.

And lastly, graffiti and property damage, targeted.

It’s all good, roll on through and don’t mind me. I’m the nations least favored drawback bridge.

Lundi lundi lundi…

As starters come, trees do fall, so sow your seeds and think freely of mind like wind.

In all, be happy.


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