Last night I finished week 3 of the machine learning module in my data science course series.

This morning I had a dream that I was walking home (in England?) through a tunnel, big ol’ tunnel, and there was a girl handing out a paper black and white ‘zine, few pages, and I asked if I could have one, before walking away from her, and she handed me one and said, “My number’s in there, it may just be a little hard to find….” implying she wanted to see me too. She had beige pants on, those soft kind, and wide open eyes. Eastern European looked like, but not Russian. Some other stuff happened in the dream unrelated to that, but again, I’m looking for love.

Now I have no tasks assigned, as usual, for work so I’m just shitting around until they give me something to do. My manager and senior were supposed to talk about this and I don’t know why they’re not giving me anything for now, while I’m sick remote from home. Oh btw, covid negative. yeah baby.

Ugh. I hate this. I don’t like being paid on the clock on accident.

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