Still no word from my senior / interim manager about project for me, remote, from home, while I’m “sick” (not really, anymore) quarantined by the company.

I should clip my nails. That would be such luxury, freshly clipped nails typing on a keyboard.

Just got some email from IT. Eh.

Well anyway. I don’t know. I’m confused but they probably won’t penny pinch and force me to use my sick time / not get paid. I have been ready for work for the last umthing days. I’m done with training. I could do extra, I just don’t know what.

Should I be doing something on my own?

I’m just a regular guy, folks. I have no idea what to think of.

It makes me very anxious, needless to say.

My therapist is like a robot. Every time I send him a message he responds this very, um, terse? not sure the word, didactic pedantic response like, It seems you are going through some anxieties and having difficulty in x y z. Please continue to practice the exercises x y z which we discussed to help you etc. etc. stupidity.

So. I’m just curious why he was trained to speak like a robot. I might give up complaining at him. The exercises don’t really help.

Well, in any case…

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